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Arches span areas and support loads and are one of the most flexible and basic of all design elements. Arches improve building performance and because of their resistance to compression, make it the most efficient structural element in dealing with spanning openings.


exterior arch

Pictured Above: ESI Masonry Supply Exterior Arch Example


arch schematic

Pictured Above: Arch Schematic




Save 80% or more time installing a brick or rock arch above a doorway or window. With SPEEDARCH™, masons mount the arch to the wall using pre-drilled mounting tabs. Then as they lay each row of bricks, they place the brick onto the arch. The arch is designed to hold the necessary weight to complete the arch installation. Once the brick has been placed there is nothing else to do.




Pictured Above: SpeedArch™ installation process. (Images courtesy SpeedArch Company)

SPEEDARCH is a registered patent of SpeedArch Corp.